vendredi 24 novembre 2017

dIVA 1st album released today

So, today is the day!

Our new artists from dIVA are releasing their 1st album "SoL"! This unqiue blend of trip-hop, dark-folk and drony dream-pop is the latest addition to our ever growing catalogue! This is something new, this is something fresh, this is the real deal!

You can order the 12" black vinyl THERE.

If you're more into digital stuff, the album is available on every platform known to humans, including Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer ans so on! You can also get a "pay what you want" copy of the album through the band's BANDCAMP.

Don't forget that the release party is taking place tonight @ QueenKong Club in Neuchâtel!

In the meantime, you can visit the band's WEBSITE
or say hello on FACEBOOK
watch their video on YOUTUBE
or follow them on INSTAGRAM

Stay tuned!

Your division TEam

lundi 20 novembre 2017

NEIGE MORTE invoking the majestic throne of Satan for Christmas

Ladies & Gentlemen,

As you've probably guessed by now, Santa Claus will  be very generous with you this Christmas, as there is not just one, but TWO records to be released on December the 15th... 

Yes, alongside with DIRGE new ambient ep, we will also introduce you to our most relentless & extreme band to date, the French black metal nihilists from NEIGE MORTE and their infamous 3rd album TRINNNT. This black vinyl edition will be a collaboration between us, the American label DULLEST RECORDS & our Russian fellows from GRAINS OF SAND.

On this third album Neige Morte displays its more punishing songs ever. Filthy, relentless and truly insalubrious, their music is clearly not for every ear. Frontal blastbeats attack, gloomy & abstract parts, inhuman screams, everything is here reunited to give birth to your worst nightmare. The sound is as raw as it gets, the drums are furiously insane, the riffs are the incarnation of despair & depravity. This is black metal at its uttermost punishing level. Let the churches burn, my friends, let the great Horned one come take his throne, let the world sink down to the abyss.

Here is the first track of the album, so you can realize what kind of extremity you'll be dealing with:

If you're not familiar with this French fellows, here is a short biography:

Neige Morte is born in Lyon as the wish to dispense the rawest & dirtiest black metal. After the adjunction of a singer, the band soon records its first untitled album and a split vinyl with The Austrasian Goat. These two first offerings display a destructive simplicity and an archaic sound that go perfectly with the band’s pure hatred. On Neige Morte’s 2nd album, “Bicephaale”, the music reeks even more of graveyard & putrescence, rejecting any idea of compromise.

In 2016, the band loses its singer, hires a bass player and the guitarist takes on the vocal duty. At the end of their latest Russian tour, the trio records “TRINNNT”. This third album explores the same anxieties with a more death metal approach, assuming hypnotic and repetitive ideas that ultimately lead to total annihilation.

Here is their disturbing band's picture:

You can say hello on the band's FACEBOOK.
And listen to their previous releases on their BANDCAMP.

Talk to you soon!!

vendredi 17 novembre 2017


As we've already announced some months ago, the post-metal gods from DIRGE will release a brand new ep just before Christmas. Called "Alma | Baltica", this brand new record displays the more ambient & atmospheric side of the band.

By working on spaces, resonances, repetitions as well as textures and effects, DIRGE shows here its ghostly avatar made of analogic keys, rippling guitars, enfolding electronics, mesmerizing loops and echoing rhythms.

Voiceless journey between ethereal lines and industrial soundscapes piercing a laid bare wall of sound, “Alma | Baltica” is a real distinct experiment in the band's discography.

Here is a teaser:

Here is the beautiful cover:

The ep will be released exclusively on black vinyl on December the 15th. A release party is already scheduled @ Le Romandie in Lausanne with the black metallers from NEIGE MORTE.

Preorders will open very soon!

In the mean time you can:

Say hello on FACEBOOK
Visit the band's WEBSITE
Listen to previous records on BANDCAMP

Music is everything.

Stay tuned beloved audience!!

Talk to you soon!!

lundi 23 octobre 2017

Trip-hop masters dIVA drop mysterious first video

Here it is!

The fantastic new video for dIVA first single is now online! The song is called "Lune" and the video has been shot by ONE SHOT FILMS.

You can also listen to the track on their BANDCAMP, SOUNDCLOUD or MX3 pages!

Go THERE to preorder the beautiful black vinyl. Here is the cover artwork:

Say hello on FACEBOOK
Visit the band's WEBSITE

More news soon!

lundi 16 octobre 2017

Division Records goes trip-hop signing new band dIVA

Dear music lovers,

For now some years, one of our main concern has been to develop our roster by including more diversity in the bands that we chose to collaborate with. We've been going in a more heavy rock/grunge way with THEM STONES, in a truly rock universe with CHARLES IN THE KITCHEN and the power-pop/turbo-punk of PAPERTANK was also something new for us.

Now the time has come to push things further with a brand new adjonction to our catalogue. This band has immediately reached our hearts as well as enchanted our ears. Their unique blend of trip-hop, dark-folk and drone-pop was so fresh, so captivating that taking them on our label was only too evident.

Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome dIVA in the ever growing Division family! This Swiss band's first album, named "SOL", will be released on vinyl on November the 24th. A huge release party is already planned in Neuchâtel's Queen Kong Club right on the release date.

The project dIVA is realized in 2013 when the guitarist Pierre-Emmanuel and the singer Lisa-Marie first meet and discover a common will to express themselves artistically in a formation that can grant total freedom and a true evolutionary vision. In the first months, the whole of the composition takes place in total symbiosis between the two protagonists who choose, as a conceptual framework, the relation of man to space, and more precisely to the planets of the solar system. Each note is weighed, measured and executed hundreds of times before being finally retained. The lyrics develop like metaphors on the ambiguous relations that the human beings have always maintained with the cosmogony. 

The style that finally emerges from the alliance of the subtle sounds of Pierre-Emmanuel and the sublime voice of Lisa-Marie surpasses the sum of its parts, so, if one swims sometimes in the turbid waters of an elegiac dream-pop , one often plunges into the abyss of an inspired trip-hop while a certain form of haunted dark-folk is never far away ... One thing remains constant, the quality of the compositions which all deploy like so many definitive weird tales. 

However, despite of the osmosis which unites the two musicians, something was still missing so that the formation can really flourish and assume its perfect completeness. The element that was lacking materializes at the end of 2015 by the adjonction of Marc, brilliant sound designer and producer with multiple talents. With such a musician behind the machines, the group can finally consider the recording of its first album in the winter of 2016. With the addition of a 3rd member, the ideas expand so much that the concept album originally envisaged is divided into two distinct parts, which will be released separately at a distance of one year.

So yeah, "SOL" is only the first part of a gigantic conceptual work!! So you can already expect another release for the fall of 2018!

To make you wait until the release of their first album on beautiful black vinyl, here is a teaser of what is to come:

Visit the band WEBSITE
Say hello on FACEBOOK
Watch nice stuff on YOUTUBE

We will unveil a whole song in the coming weeks, so be prepared!

vendredi 29 septembre 2017

UNFOLD 4th album "Banshee O Beast" out today

It's finally time to release UNFOLD's incredible new album Banshee O Beast. We couldn't be more excited about this offering, as Unfold represent the soul of this very label that is Division Records!

This new album is an awaken dream, continuing what Unfold has always been doing, namely, being the absolute kings of sludgy heaviness, but at the same time exploring new directions, all of this wraped in a feeling of pure urgency and a real punk attitude. We just love it, and you should too!

Order the vinyl HERE
Get the cd digisleeve HERE

The album is available on every plateform known to humanity, including Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music....

The vinyl edition has been made in collaboration with two great labels that you should check:
Grains of Sand
Dullest Records

You want a digital copy? Just visit UNFOLD BandCamp.

Stay tuned, there is more to come....

HEXIS new ep out today

Ladies & Gentlemen,

We're pround & honored to be a part of this release, as we've always considered the Danish from Hexis as one of the best band to walk the Earth nowadays. So it's now official, their brillant new ep, named XII, is released today worldwide. This new offering from the kings of ultra blackened hardcore display 5 tracks of pure mayhem. The beautiful vinyl is accompanied by a cd version of the ep, so you can mosh in your car too!

Order HERE. Special vinyl bundle HERE

Of course the album is also available through Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and pretty much every music app you may know!

This release is the fruit of a collaboration between us and 3 other great labels that you should check out: 
Moment of Collapse 
Crown & Throne

We hope you'll enjoy this release as much as we do!

Talk to you soon!

mercredi 13 septembre 2017


Another hot new song just for you!

Stream Unfold first single taken from their upcoming 4th album "Banshee O Beast". This is the third song of the record, it's called "Cursed Commanders" and it destroys everything on its way!

Here is te tracklisting of this album, which will be released worldwide on October the 13th in collaboration with Grains of Sand (RU) and Dullest Records (USA):

  • 01. Honor The Traitors
  • 02. Admirals Dissono
  • 03. Cursed Commanders
  • 04. Hex Heyday
  • 05. They Had Wolves In Their Eyes And Knives In Their Mouths
  • 06. Night Ride, Death Touch
  • 07. Aussitôt Dit, Aussitôt Mort
  • 08. Felony Works
  • 09. Havoc Assemble
 Here is the front cover, again a magnificent piece of art by Fabian Sbarro:

Preorder the vinyl edition HERE (Every order comes with Unfold previous album "Cosmogon" on picture lp FOR FREE).

Preorder the cd digisleeve HERE (Every order comes with Unfold previous album "Cosmogon" on cd digipack FOR FREE).

And if you wonder how these post-metal-noise heroes look like these days, here you are:


And stay tuned, cause we've got a lot of good things to come!

lundi 4 septembre 2017


So, it's now time to get some sheer brutality from Danish demons HEXIS!

This first song to be revealed is called NEFARIUS and it sounds like being eaten by the Kraken... to say the least!

We remind you that the new ep "XII" will be released on September the 29th on a tasty 10" vinyl with cd included and you can now preorder your copy at our SHOP. Please note that we offer a special LPs BUNDLE with Process of Guilt "Black Earth", so if you want a double dose of good music, just help yourself!

We will be back soon, cause we have so much good music to share with you in the next weeks....!

jeudi 31 août 2017


Dear music lovers,

There has been hints here and there for some months, but it's now official, the Swiss masters of post-metal heaviness UNFOLD are back with a devastating new album called "Banshee O Beast" to be released on October the 13th.

The album has been recorded by Julien Fehlmann (Kehlvin, Dirge, The Ocean...), mixed by Pelle Henricsson (Refused, Meshuggah...) and mastered by Magnus Linderberg (Cult of Luna) and let us tell you that it sounds like fucking hell on earth!!! We cannot wait to make you discover this strange beast!

Here is a gloomy trailer courtesy of Chariot of Black Moth:

The album will be released on black vinyl by Division Records (EU), Grains of Sand (RU) & Dullest Records (USA). The cd digisleeve edition will be an exclusivity from Division Record.

We will unveil a track and open the preorders very soon, so stay tuned!